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Automated Door Energy Compliance – The 5 Basic Steps

Automated Door Energy Compliance - The 5 Basic Steps
Posted by Cindy

Getting automated door energy compliance involves many steps. Some of these steps include ensuring that the manufacturer has a company certificate issued by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM). The actions also involve daily safety inspections and periodic electrical control system maintenance.


Manufacturer with company certificate issued by AAADM

Whether you are looking for a new automatic door or need to repair your existing one, hiring a manufacturer with a company certificate issued by AAADM for automated door energy compliance is vital. AAADM is a trade association that works to ensure the safety of automatic doors by setting industry standards. It also has instructional resources to help you install and use automatic doors.

AAADM has developed a program to train and certify automatic door inspectors. To be approved, inspectors must complete a rigorous training program. They also must commit to promoting safety and staying on top of the latest automatic door technologies.

AAADM Certified Inspectors are trained to complete annual inspections and to promote the technologies offered by AAADM member companies. They also typically perform maintenance services.

AAADM Certified Professionals are trained to install, repair and maintain automatic doors. They also ensure that the doors are installed in compliance with industry standards.

Daily safety inspections

A daily safety inspection of an automated door is a great way to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. This is because you are taking a proactive approach to ensure your facility is safe for all who enter. This is also a great way to defend against a claim if it should occur.

There are several ways to perform a safety inspection. One of the best options is to use a certified inspector. These professionals have undergone a rigorous training program to ensure they are current.

A daily safety inspection of an automated door is the best way to prevent injuries. This is not only good for employees but also for the building owners. The owner is responsible for the entries in their facility, so they should be on the lookout for problems.

Safety Markings

Always ensure your automatic doors are appropriately marked because a door without proper safety outlines can lead to liability issues for your business. In addition, you need signage that indicates desired foot traffic (i.e., arrows or “stop” markings on either side). You also want signage that shows where the door is going open so that no one is standing in this area. 

Periodic maintenance

A CMMS to boot is the best way to track your maintenance and repair efforts. A CMMS can be configured to display maintenance and repair schedules, track maintenance activity, monitor assets, and provide an alert when maintenance is required. CMMS software can be purchased as is or commissioned as a service contract. A CMMS will help you make the right decisions at the right price and time. CMMS is a proven solution that improves your bottom line. CMMS software enables you to do more with your maintenance budget. CMMS software can automate CMMS tasks and track maintenance, repairs, and asset changes. CMMS software can also be configured to track and monitor customer service tickets and complaints. CMMS software can also be configured as is or commissioned as a service plan. CMMS software can be purchased as an add-on to an existing CMMS. CMMS software can also be.

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