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Creative Ways to Find Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

Creative Ways to Find Decorating Ideas for Your New Home
Posted by Cindy

Perhaps you just rented your dream apartment or purchased your first home. You finally have the opportunity to put your stamp on a space. Although you feel it’s time to shop, you might have gotten hit with the decorator’s version of writer’s block.

If you suddenly can’t come up with any ideas for a cohesive living space, let’s explore some ideas for where to find your inspiration.


Search for your favorite furniture brands.

While you could start with Bing or Google, using a website devoted to home décor offers more relevant results. For example, Houzz offers portfolios of major brands, information on their latest lines, and reviews of their furniture by consumers who purchased it, like these Joybird reviews. Seeing a sofa in a catalog might not spur ideas, but seeing how 50 other people used that sofa in their own abode can help give you ideas. Other sites might juxtapose two brands, such as the Joybird reviews team from Combo Reviews did with Lovesac.

Read articles on your favorite décor styles.

Mystified by the differences between dark academia and light academia? Did you not even know that such a décor style existed? Whether you adore the Y2K look or mid-century modern, reading articles chock full of examples of the style’s application helps to spawn ideas for your own space.

Visit the home improvement store.

Before you laugh, skip Instacart and hop in an Uber instead. Head to your nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s to explore ideas firsthand. Many of the larger stores catering to home improvement offer displays of how to integrate products into the built environment. A box of tiles might seem boring in the box, but seeing how an installer combined two sets to create a backsplash in a kitchen makes all the difference. By being there, you can buy the materials for what you like, then go home and install them.

You don’t have to sit in an empty room staring at blank walls forever. Use these suggestions to quickly find ideas for your new, empty space.

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