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Ideal Sweater Storage Solutions

what are the ideal sweater storage solutions
Posted by Cindy

Now has come the time for Sweater season. As people buy sweaters to stay warm, you can also think about one thing, “what are the ideal sweater storage solutions.” As you may know already, sweaters are bulky. They are different from shirts, where you can easily stack some neatly inside your storage solutions. But how about sweaters?

Some people say that sweaters should be folded and put inside a sweater box so they won’t be stretched out. Other recommendations also mention that sweaters should never be hung for the same reason. However, not all people have ample space to store all their sweaters, and many are wondering which are the sweater storage solutions within the house.

You can use different solutions like shelves, chests, drawers, or hangers (if you don’t have any choice). Since the sizes of sweaters can be unbearable at times, picking one storage space that’s large enough to put them in is mandatory. This has become a significant concern, especially when sweaters like knitted sweaters are designed with special care.

However, there are several tips you can do which may spark your sweater storage ideas. Here are some of them:


Ideal Sweater Storage Solutions

1. Never Hang Them

Despite being one of the options we just mentioned above, we highly recommend not hanging your sweaters. Hanging your sweaters, especially for such a long time, will make the fabric stretch resulting in a different form of sweater shape. So, folding the sweaters is your best choice here. It’ll maintain the shape of the sweater and keep them stored nicely, as long as you have the proper space.

It’s one of the top sweater storage solutions. You should also not hang sweaters or wire hanger them from the dry cleaners. If you want to keep your sweaters nicely, it’s always better to just fold them.

If you have no other option, you can buy special hangers made just for sweaters. These hangers are typically thicker and give your sweater more support to decrease the likelihood of stretching and losing shape.

2. Use a Sweater Box

After you fold each sweater properly, you can store them inside a sweater box. You can use multiple sweater boxes to help you organize your sweaters by color. This makes it easier for you to choose which one to wear later. You can also combine the colors, as long as they’re matching. Some examples here are gray and black or white and cream. This is even more important if you’re a perfectionist. The visuals will look amazing when the sweaters are arranged together. 

A sweater box is also great if you are short on space or have odd spaces. You can easily put them on a closet shelf or floor or slide them under a bed. This makes the sweater box a very versatile sweater storage solution.

ideal sweater storage solutions

3. Use A Closet Shelf

The next thing you can use as ideal sweater storage is by using a closet shelf. It’s even better if your shelf has a divider in it, which can make the organizing process a lot easier. Your sweater stacks will look neat, and it’s even easier for you to take them out later.

If there’s no divider, you can freely use other things that may differentiate one stack from another. Some people use handbags, while others simply use a sweater boxe. No matter what it is, the divider will make the sweaters look nice and organized. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this article you have found your ideal sweater solutions. If not, I hope it has least inspired some ideas that may help you come up with your sweater storage solution that works in your space. Please tell us in the comments below about your Ideal sweater solutions.

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