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Why Decluttering Is Important

Decluttering Is Important
Posted by Cindy

Today, many people are facing high levels of stress. However, many people are unaware of how their everyday routines could be causing stress and anxiety. 

Everybody deals with the burden of clutter in their daily lives and physical places, which can be bad for their mental health. It quickly becomes apparent that decluttering has a good impact on our well-being

Decluttering has many advantages, from making your life simple, altering your self-perception, and giving you the ability to reclaim your life and be productive. In this article, let’s examine four powerful reasons why decluttering is important. 

Decluttering Is Important
  • Clutter Causes Stress and Anxiety

Too much “stuff” and clutter can significantly increase your stress levels in several ways. For example, if the notion of having visitors causes you anxiety, you are aware of the damage stress does to your confidence. When you see an untidy storage area or cluttered closet, anxiety increases. 

We experience stress, helplessness, and overwhelm when our homes and workplaces are disorganized. As a result, decluttering will help lower stress and improve overall well-being.  

  • Clutter Makes You Feel Stuck 

It’s ten times harder to focus and do anything when your home is messy. Even though you only want everything to be back where it belongs, the situation is too overwhelming for you to take action. 

According to the Princeton Institute of Neuroscience, the brain has difficulty telling what is vital from clutter. Our surroundings have such a profound effect on how we think. Clutter makes it difficult for you to concentrate. The final result is that a cluttered environment tends to make us feel stuck and stop us in our tracks.

  • Clutter Wastes Time 

Having a lot of possessions around you might make you feel heavy since the more things we own, the more money and time we need to maintain, repair, and organize them. According to The National Soap and Detergent Association, decluttering would cut down time spent on household cleaning by 40%. 

As a result, decluttering gives you more energy, time, and freedom to do what matters most. 

  • Decluttering Makes You Productive

The benefits of decluttering your surroundings are expected, given that exposure to cluttered, disordered environments can impair your ability to pay attention, concentrate, and focus and deplete your mental energy. 

Additionally, a study published in September 2017 in Current Psychology found a link between living in a cluttered environment and self-reported lower productivity and more chronic procrastination. 

Final Thoughts

A healthy life requires regular decluttering. Put decluttering on the calendar to prevent other commitments from taking precedent. Don’t consider the things you’ll be losing. Consider the benefits you’ll receive. 

You can enjoy many small benefits as you start to declutter. These seemingly small benefits add up to happiness and well-being. We advise allocating a few hours each week to working on decluttering. 

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