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Learn Mind Mapping: A Simple Yet Life-Changing Tool

Learn Mind Mapping: A Simple Yet Life-Changing Tool
Posted by Cindy

Sometimes you need a space where you can put your ideas into action. Only seven pieces of information can logically be stored in the human brain at once. 

As a result, you can turn your ideas into something practical by using a mind map, a flowchart, or doodling on a piece of paper.

In this article, let’s examine the life-changing simplicity of mind mapping. 


What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping can be done anytime, anywhere, and is an efficient approach to clear your head of all the information floating about inside. A piece of paper and a pencil are all you need.

A key topic serves as the foundation of mind mapping. Then, like branches, your thoughts, ideas, and to-dos spread and build upon one another.  

Here’s an example of mind mapping,

  • Think “home projects” is your main topic. 
  • On a sheet of paper, first, draw a circle in the center and write “home projects” inside it. 
  • Then make lines that resemble broad tree branches emerging from the circle. Write what you plan to do in those circles like “repainting the living room”, “covering in the spring”, etc. 
  • Expand on it by creating smaller branches from ” repainting the living room,” such as “look up the article on the best way to paint,” “select paint color,” “get drop cloths,” “buy paint rollers,” “get painter’s tape,” etc. 
  • The phrase “select paint color” can be expanded upon further by writing: “ask my designer friend to help,” “ask Jennifer what the color of her living room is,” etc. 

Why Use Mind Mapping? 

Consider the brain as a computer. Your computer will eventually slow if you keep opening tabs, tabs, and more. Your brain functions in a similar manner. The more information you take in, the less efficient your brain will become over time. 

Consequently, how can you shut the tabs in your brain? There are two options: 

  • Do the tasks,
  • Or record the ideas. 

Planning to do all the tasks you think of is practically impossible. As a result, writing down your ideas is the best option. 

Mind mapping comes into play in this situation. Mind mapping helps you jot down those ideas lingering in your brain and helps you complete them later when you have time. 

Mind Mapping Tools

I’m the type of person who thinks clearly when I put my thoughts on paper. So I just use paper and a freshly sharpened pencil to mind map. You might, nevertheless, be a digital person. Here’s a list of some excellent and accessible mind mapping tools: 

  • Coggle 
  • MindMaple
  • NovaMind
  • SketchBoard
  • FreeMind 

Also, Canva has a free bubble map builder. I use it to create social media visuals, forms, and even my meal planning e-book. You can upload your photographs or choose from more than a million of their stock photos to use in their Bubble Map Maker, which offers professional designs. 

The Next Step

Now that you’ve completed your mind map and have all the ideas are written down (or on the computer, what will you do with it now? 

I could go on and on about managing your time and to-do list for hours. I’m a complete geek about this. However, it would take an hour to read this blog post at that point, and I know you don’t have that much time. 

So, put the chores in your planner or calendar for the time being and only focus on one branch of your mind map. After that, relax, take in the sensation of a clearer head, and start doing one task at a time. 

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