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Get Control of Your Life with a Weekly Planning Session

Get Control of Your Life with a Weekly Planning Session
Posted by Cindy

Have you ever heard people say “like a chicken with its head cut off” when things get chaotic?

Chickens will run around even after their heads are cut off. I guess you didn’t want to hear that. The point is that no one wants to feel like their life is beyond control.  

Most individuals frequently perceive things beyond their control as failures that demonstrate their inadequacy, discouraging them and making them want to give up. On the other hand, successful people see their problems as beneficial situations they can use to fine-tune their strategy until it works for them. 


So how do you take charge of your life?

Well, the answer is to create a weekly planning session.

In this article, let’s look into how to create weekly planning sessions to help you organize your life

Activities For Weekly Planning Sessions 

A weekly planning session is a time slot in your calendar to reflect on the previous week and make plans for the one ahead. I recommend you to set aside 1-2 hours for this, but even 30 minutes is far preferable to having no session at all.

Your weekly planning session activities will be determined by your lifestyle, such as if you have children or a full-time job. Here are some tasks you can do during your sessions:

  • Prepare a calendar review and to-do list, 
  • filling out your digital or paper planner,
  • making appointments,
  • meal planning, shopping, and putting groceries away 
  • clipping coupons, 
  • chore list/assigning chores, 
  • a family meeting, etc. 
Get Control of Your Life with a Weekly Planning Session

How To Create A Weekly Planning Session 

Create A Schedule

The primary step is to create a schedule with all your essential tasks. 

Deadlines, meal planning, grocery shopping, exercise, stroll, study time, carpooling, kid’s activities, budgeting, goal reviews, reservations, daycare, and relationship development are a few examples of what to include in a schedule. 

Performing your planned agenda in the same order each time can help you establish a routine and prevent skipping a step.

Collect Your Equipment

What tools are required for you to arrange your week? 

Your laptop, planning diary, grocery list, fitness meal plans, significant other’s calendar, children’s sports schedules, financial spreadsheet or app, goal list, pens, highlighters, or sticky notes are a few tools to collect for weekly sessions. 

By gathering all the necessary materials before you begin, you’ll reduce distractions and improve your ability to plan every last detail by having all the facts at your disposal before making any judgments.

Pick A Time To Schedule Your Week

Set a reminder for your weekly planning session. You can use apps to arrange your weekly planning session if you need to be flexible about when you plan but still want to retain a weekly planning session. 

This will allow you to modify your weekly planning session as necessary without having to remove it from your calendar.

Choose Your Strategy For Having Fun

What will drive you to stick with your new routine? 

Try to add things you enjoy to the weekly sessions to make you stick with the routine.  

You can try playing your favorite music, eating your favorite snack, getting a fancy coffee, planning with a buddy, rewarding yourself after, indulging in some ice cream, or crossing off a habit on a habit tracker.

Final Thoughts

Make your weekly planning session as exciting as possible so that you look forward to it. 

Make it a ritual that includes your favorite things to do. Instead of another “must,” spend some time for yourself to make sure you pursue your most important activities with the utmost efficiency.

Do you have a weekly system? What activities do you include? 

Let me know in the comment below!

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