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Surprising Ways Clutter is Ruining Your Life

Surprising Ways Clutter is Ruining Your Life
Posted by Cindy

Look around your home or workspace quickly. 

Do you notice any paper stacks on your desk or food items you haven’t yet stored? Or a rubbish bin full to the brim? 

Excessive clutter can lead to higher stress levels, conflict in your family relationships, decreased productivity, and even financial strain. 

Most of what you keep in storage doesn’t need to be kept. Especially considering how it may affect your relationships, profession, income, and physical and mental health. 

Still thinking about decluttering?

Let’s look into some surprising ways clutter is ruining your life. 


Clutter Increases Stress

Similar to how multitasking may stress your brain, clutter can stress and distort your senses, leaving you frustrated and worried.

Clutter Slows You Down 

Feng Shui theory holds that clutter is a technique of holding on to the past and symbolizes trapped energy. Because of this, it is widely held that as you clear clutter from your life, you release destructive emotions, create positive energy, and open the door to chances. 

Clutter Diverts Your Attention 

Because clutter hinders your brain’s ability to process information and causes distractions, it competes for your attention and reduces your ability to concentrate. Make it a practice to tidy up before you begin if you want to do your finest work.

Clutter Results In Time And Money Loss

Clutter will let you waste a lot of time looking for buried things when you could be doing something else with that time instead. Additionally, misplacing bills beneath a mountain of debris might even cost you late fees. 

Clutter Results In Procrastination  

Psychiatrists characterize clutter as delayed judgments and activities. If your house or workstation is untidy, you’re probably putting off other tasks because clutter encourages putting things off to deal with later. 

Clutter Affects Relationship 

Projects are left unfinished, details are missed, and you put things off because the clutter makes you feel paralyzed. Your capacity to complete daily tasks declines, and your loved ones are forced to fill in the gaps. 

That could result in significant issues. The disarray and your inability to get things done may irritate your friends and families and harm those relationships.

Clutter Can Result In Diseases 

Living with clutter can lead to health issues. You put yourself and everyone else in your home at risk for a trip and fall when you leave books, shoes, bags, and other objects on the floor. Clutter attracts dust, which can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Clutter Can Make You Obese 

It not only symbolizes unhealthy behaviors that can carry over into eating patterns, but it also raises your stress hormone, which can put you on weight and cause obesity. 

Surprising Ways Clutter is Ruining Your Life


Almost everyone tends to let clutter accumulate occasionally. It only becomes a problem when it starts interfering with your ability to go about your regular business and work. 

Your profession, social life, retirement, and self-worth may all be impacted. Thus, it’s critical to control your clutter. Work on organizing the areas where clutter gathers and make an effort to donate whatever you no longer need or want. 

You’ll be grateful for the stress relief in the future!

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